Outtakes and Bloopers

Outtakes and bloopers from book one. Richard was very difficult to work with. Some of these outtakes are based on true  incidents and others are illustrations which did not make it in to the book because Richard would just not give his permission 

Richard was not sure that the bus was good for his image.

🙄 .....that is all I have to say about that

😄😄😄 It took some time to rescue him. The ladies saw it as karma. The worm still has a headache.

Richard does not feel this shot was appropriate

Richard did not feel that this was a true reflection of himself

Richard thought this was a silly picture because you cannot see his beautiful face

Duncan Biscuit on his way home from Richard's house. He was a little over excited

Richard feels that I did not capture his good looks in the correct light. He also is offended by the thought that it makes him look like he makes small Biscuits cry 🙄

Richard felt there were enough pictures of this small cookie shouting at him. He did not normally encounter such shocking things.

Thankfully Richard did not know this place existed .... He would have never gone to the Duck & Spud if he did