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Mr Richard Tea Reviews

Title: “A Sweet Treat: A Review of Rachel Pegler’s The Biscuits” by Stacy Shaneyfelt

If you’re hungry for a sweet literary treat, then read this blissful book, full of fun foodie art and literacy today. It gave my girls, ages 3 and 6, lots of giggles and smiles to satisfy their comic preferences and sweet tooth tales. They also enjoyed the cultural insights about England and British versus American vocabulary words. Plus, as an educator and parent, I also deeply appreciate all the puns, onomatopoeias, personifications, and food idioms. Similes and metaphors were also engaging such as “A fire began burning deep inside her as she suddenly rocketed into the air like some kind of crazy firework.” The author’s use of figurative language devices was the icing on the cake (or biscuits!). The focus on action verbs was also commendable. Finally, the art was the best dessert course because of the drama, suspense, and hilarious characterizations. If your little ones are craving a “sweet reading treat,” then serve this book for family reading time today, the biscuits’ way!



Review by S.M Ball London UK

A must read for all who require some comedic amusement in their lives.

I came across this book whilst visiting family in Gloucestershire. They say Stroud is full of talented creatives and I've certainly found one here.

My son read & reread this book so many times on our journey back home to  Enfield  It's funny, witty and very inventive. The use of language is very clever & makes kids inquisitive so they are interested & do ask 'what does that word mean? Its good for learning more about the english language to the reluctant reader because its funny and a bit naughty. Not  being a big reader we bought this book whilst browsing around town just because he loved the picture on the front. Within a few minutes of opening it he was laughing & quoting  lines out loud like 'Grandmama Is 194 years old' he found that hilarious & the words 'posh bottom' also tickled his imagination. The illustrations are also of equal match to the creativeness of the story. You can look at the pages again and again and keep finding new things. Brilliant for all ages and a note to the author & illustrator.... Thank you !! Samuel did not ask 'Are we nearly there yet ?' Once!! If you are looking for a book to amuse the kids this summer The Biscuits is it. Also  a good tip we printed some colouring sheets from the website which went down  very well in the back of the car . Over all 10 out of 10 

Tiffany Smith

"we liked Richard Tea's very clever name. what a pompus old biscuit. We hope he learns not to throw money at people and be so rude in future. Nancy is wondering what other biscuit based characters might appear! Alfie went to lie one the floor under his blanket but enjoyed listening". 

A friend passed this to me... hilarious I cannot recommend it enough.

Quintessentially English. This  beautiful book series is just a celebration of the English language and culture. It takes on the absolute humour which goes back centuries the puns the dry wit & just the naughty unashamedly mischievousness. Not even intentionally, just written by the author in the most innocently funny natural way.... the intention not even educational just written to make readers laugh. No strings no boundaries. I have been lucky enough to have read the first 4 books in the series after a publisher friend sent me them because knew I would love them. They just get better & better. Being a book reviewer an American,  journalist & respected recommender of children's books I give this Five stars and 5 more if you are looking for something new & original. They are hilarious and a break from the formatted 'correct' children's books of 'today' One thing I have failed to mention. The illustrations. Well I would buy these books just because of them, hours of entertainment just looking for new things each time. Great. Well done

L. Gardiner

It’s absolutely brilliant......Duncan biscuit 😂😂and posh bottom .....made me chuckle u are so clever ....the drawing is fabulous to’s much better than some story books as it’s cleverly witty xx

Lisa Mayo

Brilliant and original. Really enjoyed and made me want to read more about the biscuits!!


Alison Radford

Wow amazing you are so talented and have a fantastic imagination. I laughed so much love the characters. Well done xx

K. Woodward

Love the central character and his back story. Brilliant illustrations. I can so tell it was your story I hear you telling it through your writing style top looking forward to hear what other adventures you have planned xxx

D. Johnson 

Its awesome my granddaughter will love it and the pictures have amazing colours and great talking points.